Collection: Perks Program

Welcome to Niche Beauty Perks Program!

What is it? 
Every time you purchase from Niche Beauty, you have the opportunity to get free item with your purchase. The bigger your order is, the bigger the perks get! 

Why is this program different?

You don't need to collect points, you don't need a card, you don't need to track any balances, all you do is add the free item to your cart when checking out! 

Important details: 
- The Perks have to be added to your cart when checking out, we cannot add them to your order after the fact. They have to be added to your purchase at the time of payment. 

 Perks are available in-store and online 

- Perks change often, when they sell out - we add new ones! 

- Perks Program items are eligible on all purchase totals before gst. 

- Reward redemption cannot be combined with any other promotional offers (this includes any discount codes, store-wide promotions, promotional gift cards, or loyalty points from previous reward program),

- If amount spent is between tiers, you are eligible for the lower of the two tiers (ex. spends $65, you are eligible for the $50 dollar reward, not the $75 one).

- Tiers cannot be combined. For example if you spend $150, you cannot combine a $50 reward and a $100 one. One reward can be redeemed per purchase, unless otherwise stated.

All items are final sale (cannot swap, switch, exchange or trade for a different item).